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Top inspirational decoration ideas for a spectacular Mehndi ceremony

A Mehndi party is the opening act of your wedding celebrations. It marks the beginning of a much anticipated occasion and is a chance to set the tone for what’s to come.

Many brides-to-be like to kick off with a bang. Think big, bold colours, upbeat music and a setting dripping in decor. If you want to impress guests from the get go, then a theme with such lustre is a sure way to start.

Here we share our shortlist of the most beautiful decoration ideas for a Mehndi ceremony – guaranteed to bedazzle your guests all day (or night) long.

Our top Mehndi decoration ideas for your pre-wedding party

An entrance to remember

The entrance to your Mehndi party is where it all begins. Here you have a chance to wow guests as they excitedly arrive and create a lasting first impression. 

Play with elements of your theme to tease what awaits them. Elegant fabric draping and floral structures make a simple yet impactful arrival. Or weave lights along pathways and arches to illuminate a dreamlike entrance in the dark.

Showstopping theming

A Mehndi ceremony is a relaxed, social affair – so the decor you choose plays a key part in setting the scene. Traditional themes such as Moroccan nights or marigolds and mogra are timeless in style. But for the more creative couples, why not play around with something more adventurous?

Here at Sugar Box London, we’re not shy of a bold, beautiful theme. Pinks and pastels welcome guests to the heart of Jaipur, with romantic petal garlands and sequined throws. Whilst wistful macrame bunting elevates a bohemian design. 

Looking for the latest trend? Combine elaborate prints with monochrome flooring for a flamboyant, contemporary look. From polka dots to geometric designs, clashes of patterns and colour make a standout statement.

A decorative buffet

Mehndi parties typically serve extravagant finger foods rather than a sit down meal. But that doesn’t mean you can forgo dressing the table. How you present each delicacy can make as much of an impression as the dish itself, from individual food carts to a centrepiece display. 

So what to include in your Mehndi table decor? The art of presenting a meal is achieved through the perfect balance of patterns, colour notes and layers. Accentuate bright jewel tones with glimmers of gold for a rich, opulent feel. Floral garlands or sweet citrus fruits can also be weaved through tiered stands and serving trays for a playful touch.

Dessert Table

A mehndi sweet table

Decorations aren’t just about what you see. They’re about what you smell, taste and touch too. A treat to the eyes and to your taste buds – a sweet table is a sure way to delight guests of all ages. And who doesn’t love a decoration they can eat?

Sprinkle a selection of sugary treats among flowers, foliage and props to fit within your theme – who knows what they might find hidden between each petal? Or combine your selection with Mehndi fruit decorations and platters for a colourful display. From chocolate dipped dates to royal rose bonbons, anything and everything can be encompassed into your Mehndi dessert table. 

Strike a pose

No celebration is complete without a prime photo opportunity. Whether to capture group shots, portraits of the bride or to snap a selfie – there’s plenty of simple ways to turn your decor into an Instagrammable backdrop.

Dress feature walls with flowing drapes, dreamcatchers or garlands of flowers. Traditional hanging decor can also be incorporated into bespoke themed-based props to entice those selfie poses. And don’t forget seating areas – plush cushions and oversized lanterns add heaps of glamour to elevate your photographs, whilst tents fringed with tassels are even more lavish.

Pose Station

Entertain all night long

Whilst not strictly decoration, your chosen entertainment has a central role in bringing your theme to life. So what will it be? 

A key starting point is the soundtrack to your ceremony – no celebration would be complete without music! From singers to showbands, you’ll find an array of performers to fit within your theme. There’s nothing quite as atmospheric as the melody of a live musician.

Want to make a lasting impression? Surprise and delight guests with themed entertainers, from traditional dancers to mind blowing magicians. 

Dessert shelves

For a sweet course your guests just keep coming back to, make a standout feature of a chic dessert shelf. Layers upon layers of sweet, delicious treats fashion an impressive centrepiece that tastes as good as it looks.

So what to serve? From traditional flavours like rose and pistachio to all time classics like chocolate and raspberry. Everything goes! Each Mehndi dessert can be customised to fit within your theme. Popular puddings include rose and cardamom cheesecakes, realistic crystal cake pops and sweet gulab jamun that sparkles with gold in the sunlight. 

Lanterns and lighting

Whether your Mehndi party is indoors, or romantic twilight ceremony, lighting is definitely something to consider. Thankfully there are plenty of options to evoke your chosen mood.

Uplighting and spotlights are a simple yet effective way of illuminating a room. Each can be coloured to coordinate with your chosen palette and thoughtfully placed to highlight the focal points.

For a softer look, twinkling fairy lights add a sense of glamour to an evening soiree. Drape across backdrops, archways or curtains and create pockets of brightness with lanterns and tea lights.

Create the ultimate Mehndi ceremony with Sugar Box London

Here at Sugar Box London, we create an event experience that entices all five senses. From delicious desserts to spectacular settings, we can transform any space into your imagined wonderland. 

Find out more about our theming and decor services, and get in touch to discuss your Mehndi party.